Houston TX Office Air Vents

Upon completion of the carpet cleaning, your Houston carpet cleaning technician will groom your carpet. This is very important part of the service as carpet fibers can mat, slowing the dry time, and dry in unsightly ways. As we separate the carpet fibers, this will raise the nap of the carpet, giving it a more uniform look, and speed up dry time because more air flow can get between the fibers.


Our competitors think we are crazy for offering the low prices that we offer, but we think they are crazy for not offering their customers a way to maintain their carpets without experiencing high cost, especially in this economy.


The only real difference between warranty and initial cleaning visits is that we ask you to maintain the vacuuming before visits and move any furniture you feel needs to be removed. All other steps are the same. We also offer carpet repairs and carpet protectant.


Our Houston carpet cleaning service is a thorough multi-step process. We have more services to offer, but our basic cleaning is more than what other carpet cleaner companies offer. We get great results on standard polypropylene, wool, and even Berber carpets. The key is attention to detail and persistence. By providing each customer with quality service, using environmentally safe products, and a "never say die" attitude you will always know what to expect. We start the carpet cleaning process by walking through your home, inspecting the condition of your carpet, identifying heavily soiled areas that may require more attention and looking for telltale signs of wear or damage that may need repair.


We will move your light moveable furniture out of the way. Our technicians are strong, but industry standards do not allow us to move any large heavy pieces, precious breakable items or electronic equipment. Next, we will go do a thorough vacuuming, of the carpet, to remove the loose soil. We use commercial quality vacuums to get the best result, these are some of the toughest vacuums around. When companies don't vacuum on the first visit they can really create a mess. Even if you vacuum twice a week, as is recommended, the carpet should be vacuumed before cleaning.


So call us today to find out the many services that we offer!!!