Upholstery Cleaning Houston

White upholstery can be cleaned to remove crayon marks. And unlike some dallas upholstery cleaners, we can even remove most lipstick from furniture! Yes, the worst of stains can be evaluated and treated on both natural and synthetic fabrics. Before you try to clean your upholstery yourself, let us provide an estimate. You would be surprised how many customers try to rectify stains and spills themselves, and wind up bleaching or bleading the colors from their delicate fabrics.


Has it been awhile since your sofa was cleaned? How about those chairs in your dining room that the kids spill food on during the holidays? Give our Houston upholstery cleaning Crew a call and let us clean your favorite pieces. Other Houston upholstery cleaners may not provide on-site services, so if you prefer on-site services, please talk with our customer care representatives because this is our specialty!


Did you know that most furniture manufactures recommend you clean your upholstered fabric every year or two? This is because dust particles can settle on your furniture just like the keyboard on your computer. Vacuuming helps to be sure, but many times this dust gets stuck to the fabric because of oils in our skin that attracts itself to your furniture. As we sit on and use our furniture over time this becomes abrasive and can have a damaging effect on the fibers of our furniture. If its been a few years since your upholstered fabric & fine wool rugs has been professionally cared for, give us a call today. Let our trained technicians bring back the beauty of your furniture with a professional deep cleaning. Our technicians are trained to care for all types of fabrics and investment quality wool and silk rugs.


With us we set exact appointment times because we know your time is valuable. Next day and even same day appointments are available most days. Please see our value packages above for special prices. We offer a free in home evaluation and quotation for homeowners interested in our Gold or Platinum packages All workmanship is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. Each customer receives our famous 1 Year Return Visit Warranty Service included with every carpet we clean! Call us for details. All our workmanship is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. We are fully insured for your protection and we are a Houston Better Business Bureau Accredited company serving Greater Houston.


So give us a call today for all of your upholstery troubles!!!